Get Credit Cooperative Society Software Modules

Society software modules :

Society software modules are the software components or parts of a program which contain one or more routines. An enterprise level society software application may contain numerous modules and every module provides unique and separate business options. Society software modules make programmer's job simple by granting the programmer to focus on one are of functionality of the society software application. Modules are incorporated into the software through the interface.

Here are the Features of Society Software Module:

a) Maintainability- Any changes can be made as per requirement without any difficulty to satisfy clients.

b) Correctness- The degree with which society software module adheres to its specified needs.

c) Reusability- The ease with which the society software module can be reused to develop other software module.

d) Reliability- The repetitiveness and critically of society software module failure, where failure is not acceptable effect under permissible operating conditions.

e) Portability- The ease with which society software can be used on the computer configurations than its current one. So the modules are portable in every computer.

f) Efficiency- The degree with which society software modules fulfill its purpose without waste of resources.

Credit Cooperative Society Software Modules :

A file which contains instructions is called software module. Credit cooperative society software modules are manageable, deployable, composable, natively reusable, stateless unit of software which provides a concise interface to the consumers. Elements of software module are deployable, manageable, testable, natively reusable, composable, and stateless.

Credit cooperative society software modules imply a single executable file which is only a part of the application such as Dynamic Link Library (DLL).While referring to the entire program, terms such as software program or application are typically used. Credit cooperative society business men can depend on this application for smooth running of their business. There are a huge number of built in modules in the credit cooperative society software which helps in different back office and front office works. Here is the list of which contains the credit cooperative society software modules-

  • Master entry module
  • Member module
  • Share master module
  • Associate master module
  • Investment module
  • Savings account module
  • Loan module
  • Modification module
  • Maturity module
  • Accounts module
  • Approval module
  • Reports module
  • SMS module

Cooperative Society Software Modules :

Cooperative society software contains various modules which makes software compact cooperative society software. The software is completely web based and can handle multi location, multi branches and multi states. The cooperative society software with modules is very user friendly, gives various reports, and supports unlimited security level and unlimited user access. Clients can get module settings such as bond, passbook, receipt and another material as per their requirement.

Cooperative Society Software Includes the Following Modules-

a. Master Entry Module- It contains user master, branch master, bank master, relation master, plan master, user management, global configuration, user access master etc.

b. Member Module- New member, member search, member detailed report, thrift fund report, member closure, member closure view, member closure report etc.

c. Share Master Module- New share application, member share payment, dividend generate etc.

d. Associate Master Module- Associate entry, associate search

e. Investment Module- New investment entry, investment renewal, certificate print etc

f. Savings Account Module- New account, account transaction, account search, interest calculation etc

g. Loan Module- New loan entry, loan approval, search loan, loan due report etc

h. Modification Module- Member modification, loan modification, renewal modification etc

i. Maturity Module- Maturity settings, requisition, approval, payment

j. Accounts Module- Cash sheet, bank book, trial balance, P/L account, balance sheet etc

k. Approval Module- Member share application approval, member share payment approval

l. Reports Module- Loan EMI paid report, maturity approval report, dividend and interest report

m. SMS Module- SMS to member