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Automated Cooperative Society Software

An automated cooperative society is an organization which is started with the objective to serve of its members. These societies are providing their services with the focus of welfare on rural and suburban sections in India.

Credit Cooperative Software has built an advanced credit cooperative society software application on a simple architecture using common logic, data and a set of business process. Our software contains modules like master entry module, association master module, share master module, member module, loan module, modification module, savings account module, investment module, account module, approval module, SMS module, report module etc.

Our automated cooperative society software makes smooth process of all the essential works of these societies. Admin can create unlimited member through filling mandatory fields in member registration form. Plans such as RD, FD, MIS, DDS can be created. Branches can view those plans which admin has created. Loan application can be created through the options which are visible under loan section. With renewal option user can renew accounts such as DD, RID, EMI of loan etc. Various reports can be seen by selecting member id and branch id.

Cooperative Society Software -

Latest credit cooperative society software developed and designed by Web infotech solutions is very flexible and user friendly in nature. This software is capable to handle a huge database and transactions up to any level of the organization. We have made our cooperative society software with the features of high flexibility to support the current and future needs of the organization. This software can process millions of transactions within a few seconds without any difficulty. Thus at a same time reports can be available by a single click and massive number of users can use it. Our software gives the power to the organization to go customization up to any extent and incorporate the organization's applications and procedures in the ERP application.

We, Credit Cooperative Software, provide our credit cooperative society software online demo in a very reasonable price. Besides this we provide complete online training to make sure that our clients get familiar with the software as soon as possible. Our support team is there to help out our respected clients in any situation while operating this software.

Credit Cooperative Software Company -

We are specialized cooperative society software is the best suited for all the cooperative societies in India. We provide secured web hosting support and support to client's own domain registration. This software is very secured, efficient and reliable with low maintenance cost. We install our software in client's computer and mobile phones on demand. Our mini banking web based software handles core banking operations such as recurring deposit (RD), fixed deposit (FD), monthly income schemes (MIS), daily deposit schemes (DDS), loan to customers, dividend declaration etc. Users can see the status of various accounts. Credit cooperative society software free download and enjoy the trial version to know the software interface very well.

Here are Some Features of Our Cooperative Society Software Features :

a) Customization as per client's needs

b) Secured and safe web based application

c) Provides various analytical and statistical reports

d) Agent's commission

e) Branch management

f) Member registration

g) Agent wise customer's report

h) Penalty calculation and statement

i) Both front and back office management

Credit cooperative society software cost is very reasonable for your business. Its your one time investment.

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