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Cooperative Society Banking Software Company in India

This mini banking cooperative society software exceptionally built for cooperative societies along automatic posting of business information to the accounts module. It is online centralized .NET based software with core banking processes like dividend declaration, monthly income scheme (MIS), loan to the customers, daily deposit schemes (DDS), recurring deposits (RD), fixed deposit (FD) etc. The solution handles member details, RD A/C, FD A/C, MIS A/C, DDS A/C, savings A/C, current A/C. It also manages pass book, cheque book, bond, loan operations, automatic interest calculation, printing loan ledger etc.

Cooperative society software is a comprehensive, integrated with modular core banking solutions which caters all the requirements of modern financial organizations and their various business segments. Top cooperative society Software Company has created the cooperative society software with high class characteristics such as share management, member management, declaration of dividend, loan, savings, general accounting, IPhone/ android application etc. This solution provides a full control over the money collections and disbursements by field executives, issue of receipts to customers. With SMS banking facility, bank may assure extra security through sending SMS confirmation of the on field deposit dealings to registered phones of customers. Cooperative society software has the capacity to overcome all the limitations or challenges in current on process of loan collection and loan disbursement.

Cooperative banking software in India :

This is a tightly integrated and comprehensive solution. The software remarkably parameterized and user configurable banking software. It combines an excessively user familiar front end with strong back office processes to aid cooperative banks to handle their end to end processes and give services accurately. The solution has the ability to manage branch and every branch has isolated login ids. It is fully web based product. Data stores in centralized data of all the branches.

Every module has designed to cover up a huge range of activities. Apart from master details every module covers up whole transactions systematically and chronologically. Membership management enables clients to enroll as associate member, non member, member, nominal member and it consists of liability details, member assets and enrollment. Share accounting enables withdrawal ofshares, issue of shares, dividend calculation and posting, share register, consolidate dividend report etc any time. Operational accounts consists of saving account detail, such as account open, transfers, transactions, reports, printing, calculation of interest and posting.

Term deposit consists of RD, FD, cash certificate, RTGS, NEFT, thrifts deposits etc. Loan module consists of surety of various loans such as gold loan, vehicle loan, crop loan, loan against deposits. Standing instruction is carrying out on day to day basis. It also monitors of standing instruction, cancellation etc. Internally updating day book entries such as payments, receipts and transfers among accounts can be internally updated through cash transaction module. Credit cooperative banking software credit cooperative banking software includes cash transfer in respect of every account head along with abstract number of vouchers, subsidiary daybook. General ledger and financial statements contain summery of transaction in every head of account for a given time. It tallies with balance sheet figures.