Advanced Multistate Cooperative Society Software Free Trial in India

Advanced Society Software :

Credit Cooperative Software provides advanced society software itself having artificial intelligence, hence the user can work easily with a little knowledge in accounts. Everything is on dashboard like total member, total account, current account transaction, bar graph, pie graph and line graph for current sale, used plan and overall profit etc. Vast current reports are on dashboard and these all are expandable such as agent commission, total collection, renewal etc. It can calculate interest automatically. The software is with double security protection. Due to advanced society software's locking system unauthorized person can not disturb the work of the organization.

Here is a Short Description of Advanced Society Software :

A. Member and share management (member registration, share individual and general ledger, extra share purchase and share return, types of reports, member list, share register, member's address labels, member's detail searching, computerized share certificate etc.)

B. Dividend declaration (dividend register, dividend calculation, reports etc.)

C. Compulsory saving (deposit/ withdraw, interest calculation, various ledger etc.)

D. Loan (interest calculation, penalty interest, loan ledger, guarantor checking etc.)

E. Fixed deposit (FD register, FD renewal, interest calculation, computerized FD certificate etc.)

F. General account (day book, balance sheet, journal entry, trial balance, P/L account etc.)

Multistate Society Software Free Trial

A free software trial delivered to the potential customer through watch overview video or an interactive demo. It can be straight to the free trial. User can register for free trial and launch in the browser. No download is necessary for that.

User can get facilities like agent management, member management, branch management, account management with transactions, customer management, pending management, printing management through multi state society software. Multi state cooperative society software free trial is available in market provided by various software provider organizations. New software users should use multistate society software free trial provided by software companies before starting a multistate society business. The software gives data wise, receipt wise, account wise detailed report. Clients can get a compact software package with SMS alert, email alert and strong account module. These types of societies are mainly growing their activities in rural and suburban sector in our country. That is why smooth support services also provided by the software companies in any situation.

Cooperative Society in India :

Cooperative society in India has formed by mutual interest of its members. It is registered under the society act. The members voluntarily meet to fulfill common economic, cultural and social needs. Cooperative society in India can be studied into two segments:

Cooperative society plays a significant role in India because it is an organization which is for illiterate, poor and unskilled people. The organization provides agricultural credits and funds to agriculturists. It gives crucial inputs for the agricultural sector. Therefore consumer societies meet their consumption needs at a very concessional rate. The cooperative society also helps to overcome the constraints of agricultural sector. So we can say that cooperative society in India brings revolution in agricultural segment.